Guiding Principles for Management of SNL Distribution Services Corporation


We are committed to providing our customers with the finest and most cost-effective services available. We will always put the well being of our customers first! It should go without saying at no time should the safety of our employees or the public in which we operate be placed at risk in an effort to satisfy the needs of our customer or any other source.


We treat our employees without regard to race, religion, gender, or national origin.


We treat our employees in a consistent and impartial manner. We abide by the rules and expect our employees to do the same.


Our actions will be guided by our desire to continue to be regarded as one of the leading companies in our industry. We will take no action that damages the name or repute of our company or its’ employees.


We treat all our employees with dignity and respect, regardless of their level or length of employment.


We manage each operation as if it were our own, and make decisions that enhance the health and well being of the Company.


We provide a safe environment and equipment for our employees, and support safety programs to ensure their safety both on and off the job.


We are honest and candid with our customers, employees, and peers, and build a relation of trust will all with whom we come into contact.